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Tallahassee Vet

The best thing about living in the city with your pet is the proximity of animal centers and clinics that can help with the wellness of your pet as well as, keeping consistent health checks which can prolong their life. Tallahassee Vet is dedicated to providing the best medical care and attention to your pet. You can surely entrust your beloved animal companion to us.

Our Services


Tallahassee Vet provides services that would holistically cover an animal’s wellness. We guarantee pet owners that their pets will be well-cared for and be given accurate diagnosis during medical checks. Our expert veterinarians have a vast knowledge of veterinary medicine which makes our wellness care top-notch in all of Tallahassee!


Our licensed veterinarians can also provide complete dental care and maintenance service to your pets. After all, a healthy dental condition is a sign of a healthy pet. If you think your pet is suffering from dental problems, it is best to have them treated immediately to avoid aggravating the situation further.


Our cutting-edge, technological, and modern equipment help our veterinarians in determining your pet’s illness. With our advanced radiological tool, we are sure to diagnose and treat your pet immediately.


Tallahassee Vet comprises veterinarians who are the cream of the crop of the veterinary medicine field. They are all trained to check, diagnose, and treat diseases that cannot be found on the surface. With proper observation and with the help of our advanced tools, we can diagnose your pets’ ailments quickly and act on their appropriate treatment.


Pets need to undergo procedures for both treatment and prevention of diseases. One medical procedure that is necessary for pets would be vaccination. Our veterinarians are licensed to administer the necessary vaccines for your pets. These vaccinations are also scheduled properly and recorded for the safety of your animal companion. As for surgical procedures, pets undergo spaying and neutering for prevention of diseases and other numerous advantages.

In emergencies, our veterinarians need to rule out whether an animal would undergo a procedure before proceeding. If there are no possible things to be done, we make sure that pain management would be implemented to alleviate animals of their pain.


Tallahassee Vet provides most prescription medicines for pets. After our vet prescribes medications, you can procure them in our pharmacy. In addition, you can also get supplements and other necessary items and accessories for animals. Our pharmacy makes sure that they only release medications to those who have a veterinarian’s prescription. Illegal usage of animal medication is punishable by law.


We also offer microchipping services for the animals of Tallahassee. By law, it is necessary for pets to be microchipped for identification. This is a very easy process to do but it is best to have a veterinarian inject the microchip into your pet to avoid complications and infections.


It is a common case for pet owners to problematize their pets’ appetite and the food they eat. Tallahassee Vet makes sure that pet owners are armed with the knowledge of keeping their pet healthy by feeding them properly and with the appropriate amount of food. Lectures and counseling are also available for pet owners to attend to.


Tallahassee Vet provides a holistic approach to caring for a pet. We do not stop with simply grooming an animal. We make sure that everything is well-covered. From bathing to drying, fur and nail trimming, to checking for skin rashes and application of anti-flea or tick treatment solution. Our trained staff will guarantee that your pet is healthy, clean, calm, and most importantly, happy.


There are cases when pet owners need to settle personal matters or even a day by themselves to relax. In cases like these, pets usually suffer the consequences of being left at home by themselves. Tallahassee Vet offers boarding services where you can leave your pets as you go and settle what you need to do. Our staff would take care of your pet, watch over them, and keep you updated until you return to take them home.

We Care, We Serve

All these services are made available for the convenience of every pet owner of Tallahassee and for improving the lives of their pets. We make sure to provide the best care service available for animals of all kinds. For all your concerns regarding animal health, you can always rely on Tallahassee Vet!