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Meds for pets Tallahassee

Animals get sick just like humans do, and when they get sick, you have to bring them to your veterinarian. After the visit with your vet, you will be prescribed medicines for your pets. You’ll be wondering where to go in case you don’t have a regular pet pharmacy to go to, and that will be problematic. First, you need to know what kind of medicines to buy and their functions. Also, you will be tasked to feed your meds to your pets, but some challenges a pet owner would face is how to trick pets into eating or drinking the medicine. Oh! And one more thing, if you’re short on cash, are you willing to risk your pets’ health when switching to generic brands? You don’t have to worry about those things because Meds for pets Tallahassee is here to help you.

Pet medications

Your dogs get sick, they will be prescribed medicines, and you have to know which drugs will be intended for your pets. Therefore, it’s always ideal for checking out pet medication FL for the following list of medicines or treatments.

Flea and tick treatments

One of your pets’ worst enemies is the frequent scratching and forming of wound patches around the body. We have a variety of treatment brands for your pets which you can choose from.


Deworming your pet enhances their immunity and shielding them from persistent illnesses caused by worms. It also makes them more active and has more appetite.

Prescription medications

Here is a list of medicines intended for your pet’s illnesses compiled by pet medication FL

  • NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)
  • Steroids
  • Opioids
  • Sedatives
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Hormonal drugs
  • Joint pains (arthritis)

This issue of generic medicines has been going on for a while, and there are some misconceptions regarding this matter. Are generic brands safe? Are they effective? These are the most frequently asked questions. To answer directly, generic drugs are just as effective as the branded ones. When it comes to the strength of the medication, intended use, and dosage, they just work fine. If you’re still worried, our pharmacist at meds for pets Tallahassee will give you a piece of more detailed information on generic brands. You can also talk to your vet about this.

Feeding medicines to your pets

One of the challenges pet owners are facing is how to give medicines to their pets. But, of course, when pets are sick, they will be picky with the food they will eat, including drugs. So here are some ways on how to trick your pets.

  1. Hide the medicine in their food. Medicines without any flavoring are the most difficult to give to pets. One way you can do this is to hide the medication in the food. You can do this by mixing the medicine inside their favorite treats, mashing it together with the food. Make sure that it’s their favorite kind of food.
  2. You are giving them treats. This can be advantageous to pet owners if they have multiple pets. Ensure that the goodies that have the medicine will be given to the dog who needs them. This can also apply to pet owners who have a single pet, just play with your pet for a while and reward your pet with a tasty treat.
  3. Flavored medications. You can ask your vet to prescribe medicines with flavors. Some treatments for antibiotics, antihistamines, pain relievers, flea and tick preventions come in liquid form or chewable. Make sure to hide them well in their favorite foods. Just remember, not all medications can be mixed into foods. Ask your vet about it.
  4. They are putting the medication on the top of their paws. This is one of the cutest ways to trick your pets into taking their medicine. All you need to do is mix the mixture with peanut butter or spreadable cheese. Next is to spread it evenly on their paws. Your pet’s initial reaction is to smell the food and eventually lick it off their paw.

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If you want to know more about medicines for pets in FL, just call Meds for Pets Tallahassee for prices and discounts with your medications.