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Best Vet in Tallahassee FL

All pet owners want for their pets is the best of everything. Best Vet in Tallahassee, FL can surely provide the best service befitting your pets. From medical checks to grooming, we can cover everything your pet needs. With our years of experience on the field and our stellar staff and veterinarians, plus modern medical equipment and methods; you can trust us to give the best treatment possible.

The Best for the Best

Our team earned the reputation of being the best through the testimonials of our clients and the results of the work we do. We always make sure that the animals brought in our facility receive the care they need and be treated if diagnosed with an illness. Our process is always systematized and we keep records of all our cases. Through proper organization, we can maximize the skills of our people and utilize the equipment we have in the facility to aid in the improvement of the animals’ well-being.

We cannot describe with words how our services for your pets are the best. The only way for you to judge is to experience it. Best Vet in Tallahassee, FL gives its best all the time. For us, the lives of the many animals brought to us is what matters most.

Our Services

  • Boarding and Grooming
  • Dental Care
  • Emergency Services
  • Clinical Diagnostics
  • Vaccination
  • Medical and Surgical Procedure

What We Do

Best Vet in Tallahassee, FL is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are also available for emergency purposes. Our emergency hotline is always open and we take calls for emergency cases. Our on-call veterinarian will either wait out in our emergency room for the animal to come to our facility or directly go to the scene in our ambulance.

For non-emergency cases, our doors are open for walk-ins and we also accept calls for appointment booking. Pets who are brought to the facility for medical care are brought to the medical wing where veterinarians would do health checks. You can also find the pharmacy in the medical wing. This is where you can procure the medications needed for your pet. You can also shop here for supplements, vitamins, and other necessary things like pet food. If your pet needs other services such as grooming and boarding, you need to go to the pet services area where our trained staff would guide you.

When you leave your pet for boarding, we will be asking for your identity, contact number, and other information before accepting your pet. We will take care of them while you are away and update you on how they are doing. Getting your information is vital for us especially when you need to claim your pet. If your pet is in the facility for grooming, we normally ask the owner to wait for the grooming process to finish. We establish a bond with your pet for them to feel comfortable as we clean them up. If we spot something that has something to do with the medical team, we notify the owner first and give them the option of calling in a veterinarian to check their pet.

Everything you need is in one place. Best Vet in Tallahassee, FL ensures pet owners that no matter what service they avail, they would be given a holistic approach to the service. All of these are done for the sake of the animals. For them to have a healthy, long, and happy life.

What are you waiting for? Come and visit us or contact us to book an appointment. Let us help you provide the best things for your pet. Brought to you by the Best Vet in Tallahassee, FL!